Bruny Island Cider

An exciting new boutique producer, Bruny Island Cider, aims to re-invigorate the island’s once-thriving apple industry and add to its growing tourism market.

In its inaugural 2014 vintage, Bruny Island Cider has used 40 tonnes of Bruny Island fruit from Blinkbonnie Farm – the farm’s total 2014 crop. Blinkbonnie Farm was once one of the island’s major producers, but has not sent fruit from the island for 30 years. A dormant apple orchard, it has been given a new lease on life with the fruit being grown using biodynamic principles.

A Fruit Revival

The island’s apple-growing history started in 1788 when William Bligh visited Adventure Bay and planted a number of fruit trees, including Australia’s very first apple trees.

Bruny Island Cider is made using centuries-old methods. It is barrel-fermented in 225 litre oak casks and aged on its lees for 12 months. It is a complex drink showcasing the richness of the natural fruit flavours.

This major fruit revival could pay dividends for other old orchards on the island, with Bruny Island Cider looking for more orchards to support future growth.

Feeling thirsty? Wrap your lips around a Pint of this delectable brew at Hotel Bruny!