Bruny Island Berry Farm

550 Adventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay. Open 7 days – 10am-5pm | Closed during Winter months

An extraordinary and unforgettable visitor experience that incorporates and promotes the historical and environmental features of the area.

The Berries

There are a wide variety of berry fruits growing at the Farm. Strawberries are the main fruit available, to either pick yourself or purchase ready-picked for convenience. The farm also grows raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, youngberries, and jostberries.

Gift Shop

There’s something for everyone in the colourful and berry-filled shop – it even smells like berries!

Choose from exquisite candles, mouth watering confectionery, jams and sauces, quality gifts and accessories.

Fresh Desserts

Enjoy delicious berry-based ice-creams, pancakes, scones with jam and cream and great coffee!