Beaches around Bruny Island

There are various beaches on South Bruny that are sure to top most of your beach experiences. All beach types vary, but have one thing in common – a sense of serenity and relaxation that you will struggle to find anywhere else. They’re not over-crowded, they’re quiet – and you have the option to surf, sit or walk for miles!

Cloudy Bay

This visually stunning location has fantastic sand dunes, and the western end of the beach is hailed as one of the best surfing locations in Australia.

Cloudy Bay is home to many amazing walks and one of the best camping spots in Tasmania!

Adventure Bay

Possibly Bruny’s most popular location. The Bay is close to shops and walking trails, and is a great safe place to swim.

The Neck

The Neck Beach pans for miles, it is absolutely beautiful and you will more than likely have it to yourself. Care is needed when swimming in the surf as conditions can occasionally be treacherous and the water is cold.