Bruny Locations


A small township on the west coast of South Bruny. Alonnah is a 50 minute drive from the ferry terminal in North Bruny.

It is the main location for government facilities on Bruny Island, and is home to Hotel Bruny.

Adventure Bay

Another of Bruny’s major townships, as well as a large geographical feature.

An hour’s drive from the ferry terminal will get you here, an ideal spot for swimming thanks to the shelter of the bay, and a starting point for a number of walking trails.

Cape Bruny

One of the southern-most locations on the island, and the home of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

This lighthouse has a history of 158 years of being manned continually, longer than any other in Australia.

The Neck

The Neck is a major geographical feature connecting North and South Bruny.

The view from the lookout is stunningly unique and it’s guaranteed to look familiar. It is known to be one of the most iconic photo ops in Tassie!

The neck is an important habitat for much of Bruny Island’s wildlife. Here, you can learn about the fairy penguins with a free tour and watch them waddle into their burrows. Mutton birds also inhabit the neck and fill the sky at dusk.