Bruny Island is like a foodie paradise. There’s a surprising number of cafes and restaurants on the island, with world-class food and drink, along with some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery to enjoy them in.

Bruny Island Beer & Cheese Company

This company’s cheese is so popular that they have their own mail-out cheese club. Hundreds of people have signed up and pay for the regular shipments of this cheese because it is so good. There really is no question about the quality of the cheese here.

The company has its own small dairy farm in the Huon Valley which is operated specifically to make the high-quality organic milk that is used to make their delectable cheeses. This has always been the dream of owner Nick Haddow, after spending ten years working with specialist cheese makers around the world. His experience led him to pursue the traditional methods that make his cheeses so unique and flavourful.

While the company started with cheese, their beer is nothing to scoff at. The focus on traditional methods is as important in their brewing as their cheesemaking. The hard work and attention to detail put into the production of the beers here results in distinctive and full-flavoured brews.

Get Shucked Oyster Farm

This oyster farm and bar is one of the greatest farm-to-plate (or bay-to-bar) experiences in the world. The location is ideal for oyster farming; there is very little human activity on the surrounding land, and there is no river system that enters Great Bay where the farm is positioned. This means that the oysters here are grown, harvested and processed in some of the purest ocean waters across the globe.

The farm, processing shed, equipment storage and oyster bar are all in the one location. You can watch the oysters being harvested, processed and shucked before sitting down for a meal, making the experience feel truly authentic.

Once you sit down for a meal, you’ll be blown away by the quality of the oysters. You can’t get fresher oysters anywhere. There’s a great range of natural and cooked oysters, coupled with a wide range of fine Tasmanian wines, beers, ciders and even Tasmanian soft drinks!

Bruny Island Premium Wines

When it comes to Tasmanian wine, it doesn’t get much better than this. Bruny Island Premiuim Wines have a range of great white and red wines, made from hand-picked grapes. The experience of the winemakers shows, as the wines present all the benefits of cool-climates grape growing, while the difficulties of the elements are expertly managed.

To complement the amazing wines, the on-location bar and grill has a surprisingly large menu of extremely high-quality options. Even the snacks, like the Bruny Pepper Berry spiced almonds are gourmet.

Most of the ingredients used for the meals here come fresh from nearby pristine growing locations on Bruny island. Of the ingredients that don’t come from Bruny, almost all are high-quality produce from the Tasmanian mainland. This venue is a must-visit for any foodie out there.