The chicken parmigiana is a household name, a pub staple and a punter favourite. Any hotel worth their salt has a parma on the menu, or some variation.

A quick Google search uncovers various appreciation societies, phone apps, and blogs dedicated to unearthing and celebrating this delicacy…Ha! But it is not just the quality that people are after, it has to be on a budget too.

Loosen that belt buckle friends, we have uncovered a bloody good, cheap (and enormous) parma at the local, Hotel Bruny.

As you can see, you may want to skip breakfast… Do yourself a favour and call into the Hotel for a delish Aussie Parmi. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy (who even are you?) there is a diverse range of eats to suit most needs and they are totally affordable!

Did I mention this place has onsite accommodation? You may need a siesta after this heavy meal – Enjoy!